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Crafted by beer lovers who value authenticity and quality over efficiency and scale

Crafted by us

We take our beer very seriously. We brew our beer at our own brewery, obesessing over the process and ingredients.

No monkey business

We have the strictest quality control and all that - but most importantly, we are maniacal about making the best beer in the world.

Finest ingredients

We've spent months scouting for the best ingredients. The only factor that matters is quality - nothing else.

We set up Simba so we could brew the kind of beer we wanted to drink - authentic, flavorful, and made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Unlike beers produced at large scale, our beers are made in small batches using finely crafted recipes, not formulas.

We've spent months scouting for the finest malts and hops created experimental batches to perfect the flavor and thrown out all conventional wisdom.

We hope you love our beer as much as we do.

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 Roar for more / Roar for more /

Simba Beer - Jungle Wheat
Simba Beer - Jungle Stout

Beers to rule them all.

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